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The Akela Crane 80 was used on the ABC Network Hit TV Show Wipeout. It was used to cover the obstacle course from start to finish. Click here to watch video!


Big Shot Enlouva IV Cranes

bigshot.tvManufactured from lightweight, extruded aluminum, the Enlouva IV crane is easy to assemble and operate. When used with a Shotmaker Enlouva base or Mammoth base the crane can achieve a maximum lens height of 23'8" and a minimum lens height of -15', for a total lift range of 38'8".

The Enlouva IV crane features a redesigned, light-weight fulcrum for faster set-up time. The counterweight bucket has been redesigned to accept more counter-balance weights, allowing the crane to carry a heavier camera package.

Enlouva IV Crane Specifications:

Maximum lens height 23' 8"
Minimum lens height -15'
Lift range 38' 8"
Maximum arm reach with maximum load of 148 lbs. 21' 6"
Minimum arm reach with maximum load of 450 lbs. 6' 6"
Doorway clearance with Enlouva or Mammoth 48" base 6' 9"
Arm reach configurations: 6' 6", 9' 6", 12' 6", 15' 6", 18' 6", 21' 6"


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